New Publications

Excited that our most recent publication is out in Sensors and Actuators B! In collaboration with the Panthani group at Iowa State, we developed sodium selective nanosensors based on silicon nanocrystals – having NIR fluorescence and excellent optical properties with a great response to sodium!

Curious about it? Free access until end of Feb:

Some other recent manuscripts as well

Dailey, AL, Greer, MD, Sodia TZ, Jewell, MP, Kalin, TA, Cash KJ. LipiSensors: Exploiting Lipid Nanoemulsions to Fabricate Ionophore-Based Nanosensors. Biosensors. 2020. 10 (9), 120.

Jewell, MP, Saccomano, SC, David, AA, Harris, JK, Zemanick, ET, Cash, KJ. Nanodiagnostics to Monitor Biofilm Oxygen Metabolism for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. Analyst. 2020. 145, 3996-4003!divAbstract

Welcome New Grad Students!

The Cash Lab has two new grad students joining the group!

Sam Saccomano is a M.S. Student in Chemical and Biological Engineering working on antibiotic testing nanosensors, and Tyler Sodia is a Ph.D. Student in Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering working on studying cross feeding in environmental microbes.  Welcome to the group!