Kevin J. Cash


Assistant Professor

BS – Northeastern University
PhD – University of California, Santa Barbara
Post-Doctoral Study – C.S. Draper Laboratory and Northeastern University

Current Members

Mark Ferris

Mark F.

Ph.D. Student

BS – The Ohio State University (2014)

Megan Jewell


Ph.D. Student

BS – West Virginia University (2015)

Zachary Goldsmith

IMG_0188 (2)

B.S. Student 2019


Alexandra Dailey

Professional Photo

B.S. Student 2019

Ashley Chesney

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B.S. Student 2022

Demeaus Wong


B.S. Student 2022

Tony Tien


B.S. Student 2022


Ian Randall

B.S. Student 2020

Abbigail Bartlett 

High School Intern – Columbine High School – 2019

Makayla Elms

B.S. Student 2019

Meredith Greer

B.S. Student 2019

Tabitha Kalin

B.S. Student 2018

Madeline Behr

B.S. Student 2018

Anne Galyean

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD – University of North Carolina, Dept of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (2015)

BS – University of Richmond, Dept of Chemistry (2009)

Aakash Katageri

M.S. 2018 

BS – Institute of Chemical Technology (2014)

Joshin George

REU Student – Summer 2017

Undergraduate – City College of New York 

BS Chemical Engineering 2018

Danny Terry 

D’Evelyn High School 2018

Gabriel Cutshaw

B.S. Student (2017)

Mara Simon

Senior at Chatfield Senior High School (2017)

Melissa Deschamps

REU Student – Advancing Polymer Materials by Integrating Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (

UMass Amherst – B.S. Chemical Engineering (2017)

Sam Kennedy

B.S. Student (2016)

Alli McKay

Senior at Golden Senior High School (2016)

Greta Gohring

Senior, Confier High School (2016)

Amy Lyne

B.S. Student (2015)

Research Group (09/2015)


Research Group (5/2015)

Group Photo